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“Esteemed Client,

I’m Marissa Burgess and welcome to Bringing the Entertainment!Marissa Burgess by Celestine Eagle 2

I take great pride in surrounding myself with a team of dynamic and experienced professionals who, like me, have the passion, understanding and skill to  provide great entertainment.

With my background in variety entertainment, from Australian Casinos, to the glittering stages of Europe and Asia, we understand that an audience enjoys variety. Even if they think they don’t!

It’s your job to keep them happy and it’s our job to help you achieve that.

If you’re keen to get cracking on your event, we’re ready to hear your vision and breath life into it.

We  not an agency,  we’re  not  events organizers,

We are  Producers.

We are immensely well connected and have impeccable taste

We will design the show YOU need.

So start dreaming,  let us do the work.

The sky’s the limit!

yours sincerely